Zovirax cream: easy recovery from herpetic eruptions

Zovirax cream is a topical antiviral treatment administered against herpetic infections. Another brand name of this topical cure for herpes is Acyclovir – http://www.best-price-checker.com/zovirax-acyclovir/. If you need to buy Zovirax cream online then in US online drug stores you may opt for Acyclovir. This is an antiviral drug of topical application. This means that you must apply it only topically on the skin areas damaged with viral infection. Do not take Zovirax cream by mouth. The cure must not be applied vaginally or rectally, though it can be applied on genital area.

What does Zovirax cream treats?

Zovirax cream is a medicine which treats the skin symptoms of viral infections caused with herpes simplex or in other words herpes. The medicine can be applied on skin of face (including lips and eye lids), mucous membranes and on genital areas (including anus). This medicine does not cure the infection. Herpes is unfortunately can not be cured completely. But it will sufficiently ease the symptoms as redness, itching, irritation. The topical cream will reduce inflammation, relieve pain and reduce local discomfort. Moreover the ointment will heal the herpetic sores on the damaged area faster.

zovirax creamThe drug can be used as alone so in complex with pills. Herpes may present different symptoms. Some patients report rare breakouts of herpetic infection with small areas being damaged and fast recovery, while others are suffering from vast damages of skin, slow recovery and frequent breakouts. Both of the types of the disease are incurable. But the first case can be treated with Zovirax cream only, while the second case needs complex approach to treatment using pills, topical ointments. Moreover the pills of Acyclovir should be used not only during infection breakouts, but for prevention of the disease. It is recommended to take a course of treatment every 3-6 months. However the frequency of intakes will be estimated and indicated by your doctor only. To choose the best treatment the blood tests are needed. The blood will show which type of herpes virus causes the infection (qualitative analysis) and which is the scale of contamination and susceptibility of the body to the infection (quantitative analysis). It is impossible to completely recover from herpes, but it is possible to take complete control over the infection. If you have or suspect to have herpes infection with severe presences on the skin, then you must buy Zovirax cream online. To buy the drug online you will not need prescription from your doctor. Zovirax cream is a well tolerable drug. Read next sections of this review to find out which precautions and contraindications has the drug.

Zovirax cream and precautions for use

As Zovirax cream is a topical cure, then the precautions are very few. This medicine should be used with care in certain groups of patients. Zovirax should be used with caution in allergic patients, kids, pregnant women and geriatric patients.

Zovirax cream in allergic patients: the precautions

Zovirax cream is a well tolerable topical medicine. Only few patients report cases of allergies which they surely associate to applying the cream. As the medicine is applied only on a damaged skin and it does not penetrate deep into the tissues of the skin, then the allergic reaction may be only local and not very severe. If you do not know whether you are allergic to this topical medicine or not, then we advise to use the cream on a small part of a skin on your elbow and wait for several hours. If the tested skin area does not show any reactions as redness, rash, irritation, burning or itching or any way of pain, then you can safely apply the cream over a damaged area. Still, if you have ever presented allergic responses to the medicines of antiviral group or to any other topical or oral route medications, and you get Zovirax cream prescribed, then warn your doctor. Also we recommend to pay your doctor’s attention to the next type of allergic reactions: foods and drinks, environmental factors, care and cosmetic products, dyes, etc.

If you apply Zovirax cream without seeing and getting recommendations from your doctor, then call emergency immediately if you notice severe allergic changes on your skin. Topical cream will not lead to anaphylaxis, still a reaction may be rather unpleasant.

Zovirax cream in kids

Unfortunately, this medicine has not been tested on kids and thus it is not recommended to apply in kids (especially in infants). The drug is not forbidden in kids, but it needs special caution. Consult pediatrician to find out whether you can apply this topical drug safely on a skin of a kid. Children may get herpes simplex during labor or the way of contamination can be pre-natal.

The case of herpetic infectio in children must never be neglected. Kids, though getting immunity from mother, are still very susceptible to the disease. You must not try home treatments of a supposed herpetic infection without seeing and consulting pediatrician. The matter is that blisters and sores caused with herpetic virus and, for example, bacterial infection may look and feel much alike. This means that without special knowledge and lab tests you will be unable to diagnose whether it is a herpetic or a bacterial infection. Improper treatment will go further and spread in the body.

Cases of initial contamination are more severe as patients have not faced the disease prior. The immune system starts to fight the disease and the overall condition of a patient gets worse.

Never use Zovirax cream in kids if you do not know for sure whether it is a herpetic infection or a bacterial disease. Another case is that the same rash and skin symptoms may be presented with more serious diseases as anthrax. It is a lethal disease which can be cured in very few cases.

Zovirax cream in geriatric patients

Zovirax cream can be safely used in aged people as it is applied topically on the skin. Side effects and worsening of existing aged related conditions. Though being safe for aged people, still Zovirax cream should be administered with the same care as in case with prescription to kids. The topical medicine can be applied only if a patient is sure that this is a herpetic infection and not a bacterial disease.

Zovirax cream in pregnant and breastfeeding patients

Zovirax cream is safe for pregnant women and their unborn babies. Numerous studies on animals have not revealed any dangerous effects on an unborn baby. But pregnant patients should take care not only about themselves, but about their unborn babies as well. To start with, herpetic infection is very dangerous for an unborn baby. If a woman gets contaminated with herpes simplex virus during pregnancy for the first time, then the case must be immediately reported to your doctor as the initial contamination may lead to life threatening consequences for a baby. The virus hits the brain and the nerves of an unborn baby in the first instance. If a woman will make a decision to have this baby with potentially high risks of encephalopathy, then she will get prescriptions for antiviral drugs as well as for Zovirax cream which she will apply topically on the damaged areas of skin.

If it is not the first breakout of the herpetic infection and a woman has already had the breakouts before pregnancy, then it means that she has immunity against the virus and she will pass this immunity to her baby. The secondary breakouts are not harmful for a baby. A woman in this case can safely apply Zovirax cream even if she does not have prescriptions from her doctor. However we strongly recommend to track the condition and to report it to a doctor.

Zovirax cream and other precautions

Topical applications as creams, gels and ointments to rarely perform interactions with foods or drinks. As herpetic infection breakout so topical treatment with Zovirax cream do not limit a patient from eating desired foods and drinking alcohol. However if the treatment is complex and a patient takes acyclovir in pills for better control, then you should strictly follow recommendations and precautions given to that specific drug.

When Zovirax cream should be applied?

There are frequent cases of improper use of Zovirax cream. This is an antiviral topical treatment which will be effective only against the symptoms of skin presences which are caused with the simplex virus. Skin presences caused with bacterial infections or other viruses will not respond to the treatment with Zovirax cream.

You should apply Zovirax cream only if you are sure that the rash and other skin symptoms are caused with simplex infection.

You can apply Zovirax cream only to the external parts of body and their mucous membranes. Do never apply this topical herpetic cure on eye lips and their mucous membranes as well as never apply it vaginally or rectally even if you have skin presences on or around the anus or labia. There are cases when patients try to protect other areas from spreading of virus and apply cream even in vagina or in the urinary tract (in case of having sores or blisters on the penis balanus) or in the anus. This may lead to spreading of the infection to the internal parts of mucous membranes.

How to properly apply Zovirax cream?

First, you should understand that no one is able to predict when the next outbreak of the infection may occur. Some patients report the outbreaks which the can for sure associate to certain triggers as weakening of the immune system due to diseases as flu or common cold. Others are unable to say for sure which factors are causing the outbreak in their case.

buy zovirax cream onlineThat is why you must buy Zovirax cream online or offline to have the ointment in advance to be ready to start curing as soon as possible.

You should start the treatment as soon as you feel the first symptoms of the disease. As a rule, any herpetic infection starts with slight swelling of a damaged part of skin. In some cases it is impossible to detect early. But attentive patients who have already experienced herpes many times will recognize the symptoms as soon as they appear. This is the best time to start applying the Zovirax cream.

Further on patients notice redness of the damaged area. On this stage of the disease it is still a good moment to start application. When the itching appears then blisters are ready to appear. You still must immediately start the treatment and apply Zovirax cream. But mind, that skipping the first two stages will reduce the efficiency of the treatment and can delay the recovery.

While the blisters are closed, they are not dangerous and do not spread the viral particles to other parts of the body. But in the moment they break out and sores appear on the damaged part of the skin, the risk of spreading the infection to other parts of the body is immense. Yes, you can contaminate yourself again and again and again.

Commonly herpes infection is localized within a certain nerve branch, but with hands we can transmit the viral particles, for example, from lips to eyes or labia.

The proper use of Zovirax cream implies:

  • washing hands before and after applications
  • using special applicators to apply the topical cream
  • tracking the condition of the blisters

For better and faster effect it is recommended to apply Zovirax cream as frequently as every two hours.

When to see a doctor?

Though you may buy Zovirax cream online without getting a prescription from your doctor, still there are cases which you must report to your health care provider as soon as possible. It is about the cases when the treatment does not work as it is expected. If you notice:

  • the blisters are spreading and damaging healthy parts of the skin
  • the blisters appear on the body parts where they have never been present before
  • the length of treatment is sufficiently increased
  • your overall condition during the breakout of the herpetic infection gets worse
  • the blisters do not respond to the treatment at all

It is high time to call a doctor. Never neglect a herpetic infection if it gets worse. When it will reach your brain, the condition will be irreversible.